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We achieve new things every day, but most of them fade away. Badge Fever brings global and universal solution to keep our achievements at one place. Collect your badges anywhere and manage them at one place.

All we need to set you up is your email address!
*You will be able to create, collect and manage badges on Badge Fever. You do not need account to collect badges on other places. We won't spam you.


Do you have a base of users you want to reward? Do you want your community to be recognized? Or do you just have a cool idea? Create badges and challenge the world!


We achieve new things every day, but most of our achievements will disappear over the time. Don't let your achievements fade away!


Show off yours and others achievements across multiple platforms and devices. Take your service to the next level with global badges!

Global Ultimate Solution

Implement Badge Fever

Integrate Badge Fever into your system and enjoy full functionality of Badge System.

All Badges and achievements are stored in Badge Fever and easy accessed through variaty of plugins, libraries and online tools.

Are You Developer?

You are no longer required the technical skills and time for implementing badge system into your projects. Badge Fever is a universal solution and with open-source plugins and libraries implementation is seamless and matter of minutes.

Development of custom libraries is easy with Badge Fever API. Various plugins, libraries and extensions are already available open-source on Git-Hub.


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The Relentless Field Experience set of badges allow agents to display their hard work in becoming a professional repo…


SE Asia Explorer

Explore South East Asia! South East Asia has one of the richest cultures most exotic places in the world.…


Badge Master

Create Badges and Challenge the World! Challenging your users, communities and friends is fun!  …


Badge Collector

The journey of the Badge Collector begins with a single badge. 


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